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January 31, 2022 (How's That For a Catchy Title)

Hello Friends,

I'm mixing things up. If you're wondering where my recipes went you can find them under my "recipes" highlight on my Instagram page (above) or you can subscribe to my mailing list and you will get a new recipe every Monday. This space will now be dedicated to weekly farm updates, as well as plans and goals for our little homestead. So lets jump into what has been going on here this week.

January is always a hard month. I tend to spend most of it wishing for warmer weather, thinking about when the earliest day is that I can plant some seeds (I only made it to the 21st of the month before I couldn't take it anymore and planted some herb seeds), and working inside because I'm a warm weather creature. The sunsets have been moving further and further North, and we are enjoying the days as they get longer.

Our electric fence is ALMOST functional. We need to add a few more grounding rods (we think) so the chickens are still running feral around the property and the goats are still staying inside their pen. I planned out my herb garden and we considered diving into it, but since we wont be able to plant out there for another 3-4 months I decided it wasn't worth starting. I know myself well enough to know that I would get 1/4 of the way into it and lose steam.

Our broody hen abandoned her eggs when they still had approximately a week to go so we lost them :( but in some ways it is a blessing. It is still cold here and I would hate for her to lose them after they hatched. Speaking of eggs, we set a batch of rainbow eggs in the incubator, and I am anxious as can be for them to hatch. I have been wanting to add some colored layers to my flock for sometime, so having these given to us is a huge blessing.

Inside the house I painted some cabinets in our laundry room that were a major eye sore, and Sharif patched a leak under our mudroom until we can get our plumber out to fix it. Home ownership keeps you on your toes I'll tell you that. I was also able to finally do my farm tour video for the Instagram account and create a walking trail around the property. My sister paid us a visit which was wonderful as it has been nearly a month since we have seen her, and we had dinner with our friends that own a farm not far from us.

Mostly this last week was filled with yummy food, working on school with the kids, and planning out the warm months ahead. This coming week I have some fun and creative projects floating around in my mind. I'm hoping to either get them to reality, or at least down on paper to make space in my brain for other things. We have some warmer (although rainy) weather coming this week so maybe I'll feel like I can thaw out for a bit before the last few cold weeks of the year hit us.

I hope this finds you all well and that you're taking steps toward your dreams. Or maybe just enjoying the quiet of this Winter season. No matter where you are my friends, I feel blessed to have this space to share our adventures with you, and look forward to talking with you next week.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful week!!!


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