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It's Garden Season!!!!

I cannot be the only one that is over the moon that gardening season is finally here; at least in North Carolina. (I am so sorry if you live North and are still covered in snow). I have been planting a few things each week for the last month or so, but now that the weather is in the 60's and 70's pretty consistently, it feels like Spring.

So, what have I been planting you ask -well, everything. Because this is our first year in our new house I am starting over again. That means that everything from veggies to herbs are started in the greenhouse. If you want a complete list of everything that I am planting this year, subscribe to my newsletter, as I will be including my list in April.

We would love to get to a point of using the 'no till' method of gardening, but for this year, our hard North Carolina soil (clay) needed to be broken up. We have tilled an area that is roughly 25x50 feet and will house all of our annual crops. Some of the highlights of our annual crops will be Mexican Sour Gherkins (they look like tiny watermelon), 5 different types of tomatoes, and decorative squash.Things that are more permanent (rhubarb, asparagus, and the like) will be planted down near the orchard.

Speaking of the orchard, we will have fruit trees and berry bushes arriving in June (I cannot wait to show y'all what we ordered). My children eat A LOT of fruit, so we knew that an orchard was a must if we plan to grow most of our own food. This is going to be such a special area on our property and will include a bee hive eventually. I imagine the orchard being a place to go sit, relax, and lose ourselves to the beauty of nature. This year we purchased what we call our "starter pack", and each year we plan to add a few new varieties or species.

A garden is not something that you reap the reward of right away. I started planting in February, and likely wont harvest anything until April or May, but that is one of the things I love most about gardening. It teaches patience in a way that our society is losing. The day you plant the seed is not the day you harvest. When you start moving into things like fruit trees, you don't see the reward of your effort for many years in some cases. This helps to keep me grounded and also gives something to look forward to. It is cyclical living at its finest.

Looking forward to garden season is what gets me through the cold and dreary days of January and February. Once I plant that first seed in the soil I feel alive again. Each day is met with anticipation of what changes may have occurred while I slept. -Did anything sprout today?- And later, getting to watch as the fruit ripens on the vine. It is a special work that carries me through each year with lessons in grace, and a heart full of joy. The best part is that you can garden anywhere!

I invite you all to start a garden this year. Maybe it is a large garden plot to grow enough to feed your family, maybe it is containers lining your porch or patio, or maybe it is an herb garden on your window sill. No matter the size, the lessons and the joy remain the same. So go plant a seed, water it and give it sun and love, then watch as it sprouts forth, grows strong, and provides your heart, mind, and body with nourishment.

Happy Garden Season Friends

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