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Cooperative Community

Living a community sufficient life means surrounding ourselves with other farmers, producers, and creators. We cannot, and have no desire to, do it all. Rather, we desire a cooperative group, where we can all thrive together, and bring the best quality products and knowledge to you. Here you will find what we have deemed our "Cooperative Community"; those that inspire us, assist us, and fill the gaps that we, as a farm, do not need to fill. It is our hope that if we cannot provide you with the product or knowledge that you need, that you may find it within our larger community. 


Elegant Rose Photography
[Lifestyle Photography]

Alexandria, at Elegant Rose Photography is both a talented creator, and a dear friend. She is responsible for nearly all of the photographs on our website. As a photographer she is a pleasure to work with, and captured the vision of our farm in a way that I could never have asked for. Her ability to shoot both our family, and our animals in a way that speaks to the heart of us is something that I will forever be in awe of. If you are looking for a photographer in the Triad, I simply cannot recommend her work enough. You can find her on Instagram, or contact her here.


Snuggly Duckling Homestead
[Farm Raised Pork]

Michael and Katie of Snuggly Duckling Homestead were some of our first farm friends, and now some of our closest friends, in the Triad area. Over the last year our friendships and farms have grown, and it has been an honor and pleasure to see all of their accomplishments. They run a small family homestead where they raise chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, pigs, and more. Their pork is raised on plentiful land, where grazing, rooting, and being pigs is an everyday occurrence. They are currently taking 2023 inquiries for their farm raised pork. If you are looking to purchase a whole or half hog, butchered, wrapped, and ready for pickup, you can reach out to them here. I speak from experience that their bacon, is some of the very best I have tasted.


Bucketlist Homestead
[Farm Raised Poultry]

Timothy and Bethany of Bucketlist Homestead have become some of our dearest friends, and greatest business inspirations. It was sitting at their table that I learned what chicken is meant to taste like. Chicken has always been my least favorite meat as I have found it to be flavorless, and then I tried Bucketlist chicken. Not only was it exceptionally juicy, but it had a flavor profile, and it felt satisfying to eat chicken for the first time. The flavor comes from being raised on fresh grass and in sunshine. These 2 simple ingredients, fresh grass and sunshine, take chicken from bland and uninteresting, to delicious and flavorful. If you're interested in trying chicken (and turkey) in a totally new way, check them out here.


Good Creations Farm
[Gluten Free/Vegan Baked Goods]

One of the questions that I get often when it comes to my baked goods is "do you do gluten free or vegan"? The answer is, no I don't; and I don't want to. I don't eat gluten free and I don't eat a vegan diet, and learning these skills (because they are skills) is not something I desire to learn. That is why I am so excited to introduce y'all to Good Creations Farm. Alexandria is an AMAZING baker. I remember having breakfast with her one morning and being so surprised that the muffins we were eating were gluten free and vegan, I couldn't believe it. Her baked goods are moist, flavorful, and never gritty. If you're interested in gluten free/vegan baked goods, you can order here.

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