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All Classes 20% Off
Now Through December 21st


Young.Wild.Free. Family Farm is now offering classes!! Here you can find all of the classes that we currently offer along with their pricing information. I will only offer classes in areas that I feel confident in my knowledge. This knowledge has been cultivated through the trial and error that comes with being self taught. It is my hope that I can save you some of those trials and that error by offering you information that I had to glean for myself. Thank you for trusting me to help you to grow in your skills, and I look forward to our time together.

Basics of Sourdough

This class is for anyone that would like to learn, hands on, how to make sourdough from start to finish. In this class you will be invited into my home to create a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread along with me. This includes a start to finish sourdough lesson, active sourdough starter for you, a package of "hazel" dehydrated starter to take home, as well as my email for future questions. This class will require that you purchase ,or have on hand, some materials (I will send links with my recommendations). Group discount for groups of 4 or more.


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Gardening for Beginners

This class includes my recommendations on how to grow your 5 favorite garden plants-when to start indoors (if necessary), requirements for growth, different growing techniques, my favorite places to purchase seeds and a 15 minute one on one call with me to answer any of your questions. This class is conducted remotely.


Getting Started With Chickens

This class includes a list of my recommendations on products, how to build a chick brooder (no wood required), photos of what our set up looks like, a 15 min one on one phone call with me where I will answer your questions, and 2 follow up emails over the following month. This class is conducted remotely.



Making Fresh Fruit Jam

In this class you will learn the art of taking fresh fruit and converting it into delicious, home canned jam. I will share with you my favorite seasonal fruits, and how to prepare them, and we will turn one of those fruits (dependent upon the season) into beautiful jam. This class is taught from my home kitchen and you will be able to take home a pint of fresh fruit jam. Group discount for groups of 4 or more.


Beginner Crochet

In this class I will show you the basics of crochet. You will learn some of the most common types of yarn, types and sizes of hooks, and 3 simple stitches that can be used again and again to create many projects. Also included is a pattern for my very favorite cotton kitchen cloth. This class is taught from my home, and will require some supplies (I will give my recommendations). Group discount for groups of 4 or more.



Beginner Sewing

In this class you will learn the parts of your sewing machine, how to thread your machine, a basic straight and zig-zag stitch, how to use both stitches, and how to create a hem. We will then combine these skills so that you can create your very own pillow case. You will need a sewing machine, and to provide a small number of materials for yourself. Can be taught from my home or yours. Group discount for groups of 4 or more.


20% Off

Lard and Lye Soap

In this class you will learn how to make a basic lard and lye soap. You will be provided with a soap calculator that will allow you to accurately measure your ingredients to achieve the perfect soap for your needs. This class does not require that you provide any materials for yourself, but you will be asked to bring some basic safety attire as we will be working with lye (don't worry, it isn't as scary as it sounds). This is taught from my home kitchen. You will be able to take your soap home after the class. Group discount for groups of 4 or more.


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