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Potbelly Pigs

Growing up my family raised pigs for 4-H and later FFA. I loved everything about them; their personalities, the way that they could clean up foods that would otherwise go to waste, and their ability to turn that food into meat. Raising pigs again has been something that I have looked forward to since we started our farm. We had originally planned to raise only Large Black hogs, but God has a way of directing plans and we will now be raising Large Blacks as well as Potbellies. Both breeds serve a purpose on our diversified farm and we look forward to sharing both of these wonderful breeds with you. 


Potbelly Pigs

Potbelly Pigs were never in our plans, but they are here now and we are so grateful for them. Potbellies are a small breed of pig weighing 70-150 lbs at maturity, although they can reach up to 200 lbs. They are slow growing but can be harvested at 6-9 months. They do well in captivity and can even be kept as pets (depending on where you live). They do have more fat than traditional farm breeds, but if they are raised using natural foraging techniques, rotational grazing, healthy kitchen scraps, and minimal commercial feed they will tend to be leaner. Because of their smaller size they are ideal for small farms, or those that do not want to pasture raise their pigs. We welcomed our first litter of Piglets in late July.

Piglets Available Now!!!!

We currently have 2 potbelly gilts for sale. Both were raised with their mother for the first 3 weeks and then transitioned to a hog grower along with their litter mates. They are also provided with forage using a "pig tractor" which allows them to eat fresh grass and root in the mud the way God intended. Please contact us if you are interested. 

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