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Here at Young.Wild.Free. Family Farm we run a mixed, dual purpose, flock of chickens. Each of the breeds that we have is known for egg production, however, they also grow out to a size that makes them suitable for meat. We offer everything from hatching eggs, to grown laying hens (depending upon availability).

We also offer a "Getting Started With Chickens" course which includes a list of my recommendations on products, photos of what our set up looks like, a 15 min one on one phone call with me where I will answer your questions, and 2 follow up emails over the following month. 

The cost for this course is $20.


Coming Spring 2023

We hatch chicks from February-August. Our chicks will all grow to be prolific layers of medium to large multi-colored eggs. They will begin laying eggs at 4-7 months of age. They are sold "straight run" meaning they will not be sexed. Due to limited hatch size I recommend getting on our wait list.

What We Offer

Farm Fresh Eggs- $4/dozen

Dual Purpose Hatching Eggs- $10/dozen

Day Old Chicks-$5 each or 5 for $20

Coop Ready Pullets-$15 each

Laying Hens-$25 each

Butchering Age Roosters-$5 each

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